Jason Maddox and Will Braun fuck Johnny Rapid in “Stealing Johnny” part one from Men.com

The largest gay porn site on the web – Men.com – has today released the first part from a new mini-series, called “Stealing Johnny“. The series is of to a good start as the first scene is a hot and passionate threesome. Sexy hunks Jason Maddox and Will Braun fuck Johnny Rapid from both sides.

Will Braun and Jason Maddox are strapped for cash. With the threat of eviction, they decide to track down Johnny Rapid to get in a porn scene. Johnny has a plan—one involving a kidnapping PR stunt to boost his career and help the two broke boys out.

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The second scene from this series is a hot flip-fuck scene starring Rod Pederson and Johnny Rapid and will be released on the 10th of June. You can already watch the video trailer for this scene.

See Jason Maddox and Will Braun fuck Johnny Rapid at Men.com

Watch Jason Maddox and Will Braun fuck Johnny Rapid’s ass at Men.com

  • Johnny Rapid’s a deceitful hot little man Bitch deceiving Will Braun & Jason Maddox to an explosive climax!