Fit power top FX Rios fucks Max Gianni in “Hot As Fuck” part 4 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the fourth and final scene from “Hot As Fuck“. They have paired up two very fit guys; FX Rios and Max Gianni. Max’ muscular thighs are defined in all the right places. He enters the room naked, shadowed by FX Rios, who can’t keep his hands off Max’s smooth ass. They face each other and kiss.

FX sits on a box and his ripped abs throw shadows as he watches Max inhale his cock with total commitment. Max’s lips tug FX’s foreskin taut, so you can see the veins. The combination of Max’s tongue, lips and hand stimulates every part of FX’s cock and balls. But, FX keeps his eye on the prize: Max’s bubble butt.

He can’t wait to touch it, taste it and fill it. Max can’t wait to feel FX’s pole inside him, and he takes every inch. Twisting his nipple ring, Max grabs his cock and squirts parallel streams of cum across his smooth torso. FX’s does the same, coating Max’s face, chest and neck with semen and feeding him the last drop.

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Watch FX Rios fuck Max Gianni’s sexy ass at Raging Stallion

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