Alessio Romero fucks Luke Ewing in “Maintenance Fuckers” part one from Pride Studios

In the first part from the Pride Studios‘ new mini-series “Maintenance Fuckers“, hairy stud Alessio Romero has been taking the heat from the higher ups about inventory control. Luke Ewing hasn’t been doing his job to full capacity and now Alessio’s job is on the line. Luke isn’t sure what he has done but reassures Alessio that he will try harder and he does just that as he gets down on his knees to service Alessio’s waiting cock.

Luke is sucking that cock like his job depends on it (because it does) and Alessio is taking full advantage of the situation. Luke gets bent over and legs spread so Alessio can spit on his tight hole and get it all lubed up with his mouth. Once his ass is dripping with saliva Alessio shoves his throbbing cock deep inside and begins to fuck Luke.

Luke is taking it hard and deep from Alessio and then he rides his cock up and down squeezing his ass to tighten up on Alessio’s hard dick. The release is near so Alessio lays him on his back and fucks the cum out of Luke which sends him over the edge so he pulls out and blasts a warm nut all over Luke’s hairy chest.

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