Adam Ramzi and Wesley Woods fuck each other in “I’d Hit That!” from Raging Stallion

Adam Ramzi and Wesley Woods are hot, hard and ready to hit it in the fourth and last scene from the Raging Stallion movie “I’d It That!“. Clothing is quickly cast aside, and they can’t keep their hands off every inch of their muscular anatomies, from nipples to nuts. Adam’s cock points to the sky, so Wesley grabs hold and sucks, squeezing Adam’s balls and adding enough spit to swallow deeply.

Kissing passionately, panting as they suck the breath out of each other. Wesley lies back and spreads his legs. Adam slaps his uncut cock against Wesley’s cut meat-stick and strokes them together. Wesley shudders and his hole quivers when Adam rams his tongue in deep. Adam slides his meat into Wesley balls-deep — in a single, slow thrust that pounds Wesley’s prostate.

Wesley grunts and groans as Adam pounds him with increasing pace and force. It’s Adam’s turn to be fucked. Wesley licks his way from Adam’s neck to his fuzzy crack. He exposes the hairy center and tongue-fucks it. Bracing the mushroom head of his cock, he pushes until the hole gives way and Adam is completely penetrated and lost in the pleasure of a deep fuck. They separate and lock tongues, and build to climax, shooting sticky loads in each other’s face.

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