Elio Guzman takes Craig Daniels’ big hard dick in “Photoshoot Fucking” from Bulldog Pitt

The latest release from Bulldog Pit is called “Photoshoot Fucking“. It’s a day like any other for photographer Elio Guzman as he prepares to shoot suit model Craig Daniels for a men’s fashion magazine. With plenty of experience working with incredibly hot men, Elio is a professional who knows to keep his distance, except Craig really turns him on and Elio can’t resist the stud’s charm.

Or is it the man’s big dick, which is next to impossible to hide once they get to the underwear part of the session? Craig’s cock grows with every second and throwing caution to the wind, Elio drops to his knees to do what any cock sucker would do…worship the glory that is Craig’s cock! A hungry power bottom, Elio gazes up at Craig, dick in mouth. You can practically see him begging Craig with his eyes… fuck me!

And the hung uncut top does just that. Pushed onto the couch and fucked stupid, Craig’s massive dick disappearing repeatedly inside his hungry hole. Elio takes it all, down to the balls, and when Craig can no longer contain himself, unleas hes a steamy load that drenches his new found fuck buddy.

Watch Elio Guzman take Craig Daniels’ big hard dick at Bulldog Pitt


Watch Elio Guzman bottom for Craig Daniels at Bulldog Pitt


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