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Brandon Evans welcomes new guy Junior Fernandez to Broke Straight Boys by fucking his tight Latino ass! Brandon starts with a slow massage, sliding his hands across Junior’s body as he reaches for that cock and they make out, slowly losing their clothes as Junior makes his way down to Brandon’s dick.

Junior takes Brandon’s meat in his mouth, sucking on that sweet cock as Brandon grows harder with each stroke of Junior’s wet tongue. They switch off and Brandon gives Junior head, deep-throating his fat prick until Junior’s swollen member is throbbing and stiff, but it’s Brandon’s dick that’s in for some action as Junior bends over and Brandon eases his long shaft into that tight ass.

Junior moans as he takes Brandon’s cock, getting fucked hard while Brandon makes his ass bounce with each deep thrust of that bareback dick. They try a different position and Brandon buries himself balls deep in Junior while Junior strokes his own shaft until he comes. Brandon pounds him raw for a bit longer before pulling out and filling Junior’s ass crack with hot cum!

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