Adam Ramzi pounds Tegan Zayne’s hairy ass in “Bout To Bust” part one from Raging Stallion

Intense kissing erupts between Adam Ramzi and Tegan Zayne in the first scene from the new Raging Stallion movie “Bout To Bust“. Their hands grope each other’s naked bodies and hard cocks, and their tongues explore each other’s mouths. The connection between these two hairy studs fills each with a craving for more. Falling to his knees, Tegan engulfs Adam’s cock with his mouth, swallowing it to the base. After servicing Adam’s cock, Tegan offers up his ass to Adam’s lips.

Spreading Tegan’s cheeks, Adam buries his beardy face in Tegan’s hairy hole. Adam mounts Tegan from behind… doggy style, thrusting powerfully into Tegan’s meaty ass. Tegan looks Adam right in the eye as they’re fucking, signaling the strength of their male bond. Rolling onto his back, Tegan raises his leg in the air to afford Adam the perfect angle of penetration. Tegan strokes himself off while being fucked, and jets his load onto his washboard abs. Adam gives Tegan a creamy facial, shooting ropes of cum into Tegan’s thick beard.

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Raging Stallion’s “Bout To Bust” movie has been directed by director Steve Cruz and contains four hardcore porn scenes, of which one is a hot threesome starring; Hugo Diaz, Derek Deluca and Jack Vidra. In the remaining two duos, you will see hung stud Boomer Banks together with Jacob Taylor as well as Rikk York and Jonah Fontana.

Watch hung stud Adam Ramzi pounding Tegan Zayne at Raging Stallion