Kris Blent bottoms for Joshua Levy in “Skin Contact” part three from Staxus

In the third scene from the Staxus movie “Skin Contact“, we’re seeing Kris Blent and Joshua Levy, who meet each other during breakfast. The both seem to have a desire for fresh, hard meat. It doesn’t take long before the two handsome beauties are sucking each other’s faces off; before both are eagerly reaching into their pants so that they can enjoy the unrivalled delights that are straining away inside!

Kris, in particular, simply can’t get enough of his buddy’s gorgeous joystick, happily slurping on every inch and deep-throating the shaft in the process. But anyone who’s ever seen this blond Dutch twink before will know that his very keenest ambition is to get cock in his arse; and it comes as no surprise whatsoever that he’s soon laid out over the table, legs outstretched, inviting Joshua to bury his hatchet deep inside that hungry little hole.

It’s an invite that doesn’t ever need repeating, of course. Joshua is soon balls-deep in his mate; signalling the start of a fantastic no-holds-barred coupling that sees Kris in a whole series of positions, culminating in him squirting the contents of his balls all over his belly. If that doesn’t get you climaxing, then the sight of the boy from The Hague sucking the jizz out of Joshua’s erupting cockhead will almost certainly do the trick.

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Watch Joshua Levy fucking Kris Blent in “Skin Contact” part three

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