Justin Owen pumps Troy Accola’s sexy ass in “Suds and Buds” from Helix Studios

In this new scene from Helix Studios, we join Justin Owen mid shower, soapy, soaking wet and stroking his thick and throbbing water-log after a vigorous workout. Before he can achieve a much needed nut, he is joined, much to his delight, by another extremely sexy and very dirty dude. Troy Accola is a tall and tattooed teenage twink and it doesn’t take but a few seconds before the fit and foamy friends move well beyond washing each other’s backs.

Kisses and a little reach around play gives enough of a craving to send young Accola to his knees. There, with a combination suckle & pump action, he services Justin’s stiffy and gets a long awaited taste of the tool.

When it’s his turn to return the favor, the slippery stud immediately takes Troy’s 7 inch cock sword to the back of his throat and begins to pleasure his buddy to the best of his ability. Check out what happens when these two horny beasts dry off their wet willies and move the good clean fuck fun to the bedroom.

Watch Justin Owen pumping Troy Accola’s sexy ass at Helix Studios

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Watch Justin Owen pumping Troy Accola’s sexy ass at Helix Studios