Davey Anthony enjoys Tex Davidson’s hard dick in “Paramedic Daddy” from Pride Studios

In this new released scene from Pride Studios – called “Paramedic Daddy” – the young and sexy Davey Anthony is out on a hike and decides to take a very steep trail up a hill with lots of rocks. He makes it to the top no problem at all but on his way down he slips and rolls his ankle. He calls for a paramedic to come and they dispatch Tex Davidson but it’s his day off and he’s reluctant to get off the couch.

The dispatcher calls multiple times and finally he picks up and tells them he has it handled. He heads off and finds Davey in pain rubbing his ankle. Tex bandages him up and takes him back to his place for closer observation. Davey can’t thank Tex enough and the only way he can repay him is with his hot young body.

Tex didn’t expect Davey to be so forward as Davey reaches for Tex’s huge hard dick and starts to suck on it. That’s a lot of cock to fit in your mouth and Davey does it beautifully. They get into a sexy 69 position where Davey gets his ass ate out while sucking on Tex’s thick meat. Davey rides that beast of a cock all the way down to his balls rocking back and forth like a pro.

They both moan in extreme pleasure as they build up the cum inside their aching balls. Davey can’t take it anymore and Tex’s sexy dick sends him over the edge as he lets loose his jizz all over himself. Tex lies down as Davey waits for the cum to splash all on his face and once it does his smile is huge and a job well done.

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Watch Davey Anthony enjoying Tex Davidson’s hard dick at Pride Studios