Chris Loan and Angel Cruz fuck each other in the locker room for French Twinks

The guys from French Twinks have released a very hot locker room flip-fuck video. After a hard training, Angel Cruz joins Baptiste Garcia and Chris Loan who are undressing in the locker room. The handsome Latino stares at the couple and he seems to have some ideas in mind.

When Baptiste leaves to take a shower, Angel starts to talk to Chris and shows him his tattoos. It doesn’t take long before the two of them start kissing. Next, Angel takes Chris’ already hard cock in his mouth. Chris gets more and more excited and now it’s his turn to suck Angel’s big cock. Then, Angel leads him to the back of the locker room for some hardcore action.

The beautiful Spanish stallion decides to wake up the slutty bottom in Chris and fucks him hard and deep against the lockers. Chris moans with pleasure and clearly enjoys every thrust. As much as Chris loves to bottom, he also takes the opportunity to plow some ass. He flips Angel on his back and eats his ass while the Spaniard lays on the bench.

Once his hole is all wet and loosened up, Chris fucks Angel with all his power. The action is hot and passionate and after a while, Angel shoots a nice big load over himself, while Chris keeps fucking his ass. Chris is soon ready to follow and unloads all over Angel’s fit body. This is the messy ending everyone loves!

Watch Chris Load and Angel Cruz flip-fucking at French Twinks

Watch Chris Loan and Angel Cruz flip-fucking at French Twinks


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