Alexis Tivoli fucks cute twink boy Abel Lacourt at French Twinks

Abel Lacourt from French Twinks is as cute as he is naughty. Alexis Tivoli brings him some penis shaped chocolates from Paris, when he visits the cute twink. While Abel enjoys his sweets, Alexis takes the opportunity to tease and seduce him. Within seconds, Abel finds himself with Alexis’ stiff cock in his mouth and starts to suck it greedily.

The horned-up twink boy licks and sucks Alexis’s cock with joy and passion and Alexis is kind enough to return to favor. Next, Alexis undresses him and prepares his tight twink hole with a good tongue-fuck. The pleasurable groans of Abel excite Alexis, who can’t wait to drill that delicious twink ass.

Not much later, the twink impales himself on Alexis’ cock and rides it while moaning loudly. Alexis takes over control and fucks Able on the floor. It’s a passionate and energetic fuck session, which doesn’t ends before Alexis cums on his smooth balls. Abel, still covered of Alexis’ sperm, squirts his own sticky load moments later.

Watch Alexis Tivoli fucking Abel Lacourt at French Twinks


Watch Alexis Tivoli fucking Abel Lacourt’s twink hole at French Twinks