Grayson Lange takes Alex Killborn’s raw cock in “Burning for the Boy” from Helix Studios

Helix Studios has released a very hot bareback scene, called “Burning for the Boy“. The warm brilliance of the spring sunshine is absolutely awe inspiring, but with the sexual appetite of a young twink, in shape and in lust, combined with the right chemistry, you get a recipe for something extra special. Alex Killborn and Grayson Lange couldn’t wait to get to someplace private and opted for the closest possible fuck-nest available.

Once inside, there would be no coming up for air as they simultaneously sucked face and stripped down to Graysons’s jockstrap and as for Alex, still clothed from the waist up, dropped down to his knees. He serviced Lange’s love muscle for as long as he could before needing his own wood worked too badly and quickly undressed. He then tempted his junior suck buddy into joining him in a swell and swollen 69 session that would soon have both of their cocks slippery and throbbing.

The two twinkies gobbled each other hungrily until Alex was ready for the second course and being a very happy and very good boy, Grayson repositioned and readied himself to receive his rimming. Watch what happens when smooth, slender and black haired bottom boy cannot wait another second to be filled, and in a brief moment between moans and groans, begs for his boning.

Watch Grayson Lange taking Alex Killborn’s hard raw cock at Helix Studios

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See Grayson Lange taking Alex Killborn’s hard raw cock at Helix Studios


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