Trey Turner bottoms for Alex Greene in “Can’t host, where can we fuck?!” from Pride Studios

In this new scene from Pride Studios – called “Can’t host, where can we fuck?” – sexy hunks Trey Turner and Alex Greene want to fuck really badly and neither one of them can host. After a few brief texts Trey calls a good friend of his to see if he can use his warehouse play room. Trey gets the go ahead and invites Alex over to the warehouse where they can fuck as loud as they want.

They get right to it undressing each other and kissing down their manly bodies. Next, the two horned-up hunks swap blowjobs. Trey has that big ass that Alex wants to be deep inside and Alex has that big thick dick that Trey wants to feel in all of his holes.

Alex gives him the dick hard and balls deep. They fuck in a few different positions each one making Trey moan louder and louder while Alex builds up his creamy load. Trey pops first all over himself which makes Alex super turned on and throws the condom off and blasts a stream of cum on Trey’s chest as well. This hot adventure has quite a messy ending!

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Watch Trey Turner bottoming for Alex Greene at Pride Studios