Alexander Gustavo drills Billy Santoro’s ass in “Sugar Daddies 3” from Icon Male

In the second scene from Icon Male‘s “Sugar Daddies 3“, sexy hunks Alexander Gustavo and Billy Santoro have been left alone in the living room to mingle. Before any words are exchanged, Alex decides to tease this older rich man. He reaches for a strawberry, dips it in chocolate and slowly takes a bite out of it. But Billy knows what this young boy is trying to accomplish and it simply won’t work.

Instead, Billy asks him to talk about himself. Alex tells Billy about how his father was never around as a child because of work. That is probably the reason why he has daddy issues. He looks at Billy with a smile and before he could listen to any more questions, Alex walks on over to him, sits on his laps and they begin to make out. Both men get naked on the couch. Alex lays down, while Billy sucks on his big dick. Alex feels he should give back and switches place with Billy.

It’s his turn sucking on his man’s cock, until he pushes his legs back with knees to his chest and starts eating his hairy ass. Alex rubs his cock against Billy’s hole and slowly pushes it inside. After getting fucked on his back, Billy gets in a doggy style position and lets Alex work on his ass some more. When they feel like they are about to climax, they sit side by side on the couch and jerk themselves off until shooting both their loads on themselves.

Watch Alexander Gustavo fucking Billy Santoro at Icon Male

Watch Alexander Gustavo fucking Billy Santoro at  Icon Male


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