Alex Mason and Nick Sterling flip-fuck in “Pushing Limits” part 4 from Hot House

Kneeling hotties Nick Sterling and Alex Mason grope each other’s bubble butts as they make out for Hot House. Nick cant keep his hands off of Alex’s bulging assets and says ‘let me see that ass’. Alex keels over and exposes his tight, hairless hole for Nick to bury his face in.

Staying bent over, Nick dildo-fucks Alex’s hole with a massive black dong, gripping Alex’s cock to hold him steady. After opening Alex’s ass with a dildo, Nick shoves his cock in and alternates thrusts from his cock and a girthy butt plug.

After Nick punishes Alex’s hole, Alex bends him over and gives him a quick rimming before pounding Nick’s eager ass. Nick moans out ‘pound me harder’ as his load shoots from his cock. Alex then uses Nick’s spectacular butt as a canvas for his wad, spewing it all over Nick’s backside.

Watch Alex Mason and Nick Sterling flip-fuck at Hot House

Watch Alex Mason and Nick Sterling flip-fucking at Hot House