Jaro Stone fucks Tony Conrad in “College Dropouts” part four from Staxus

Staxus has released the fourth scene from their “College Dropouts” series, in which we see two member-favorites; Jaro Stone and Tony Conrad. The latter one plays a mischievous student, who’s broken into his tutor’s study in an effort to grab hold of some test papers.

Jaro enters the room with exactly the same motive; but he quickly convinces his mate that there’s more to life than exams. Needless to say, Tony doesn’t take much persuading. Before you know it both lads are laid out on a nearby sofa, engaged in a heavy session of fellatio – during which we reckon most viewers will be hard pressed to choose a favourite between these two mates.

Indeed, by the time that Jaro has taken the advantage and is gently rimming and fingering Tony in anticipation of the inevitable fuck to come, there’s little doubt that most folk will be completely at a loss as to which of these two beauties is the most adorable.

A conclusion that’ll only be compounded further by seeing Tony sink his lithe frame down on his pal’s cock cowboy-style, before he gets taken from behind and promptly spews the contents of his nads over his belly. Leaving Jaro Stone to wrap up a classic scene by erupting over his mate’s ass, then sinking his shaft back into Tony Conrad’s hole!

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Watch Jaro Stone fucking Tony Conrad’s bare ass at Staxus


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