Darin Silvers, Sean Duran and Max Cameron in a super hot threeway at Pride Studios

Get ready for a super hot threeway! Pride Studios hasr released a hot new scene, called “Caught stretching out his mouth“. Sexy hunk Darin Silvers has pulled some kind of muscle in his thigh and he can’t move much at all. He’s on the bench trying his best to massage it out but it’s just not working. In comes Max Cameron who sees him in lots of pain so he offers to help him out.

Max is great with his hands and instantly beings to massage the muscle out and once he notices Darin is hard as a rock he knows his job is done. No more massaging with his hands now but instead he starts to suck him off. They both strip down and begin sucking each other’s cocks and in come Sean Duran who is intrigued by the whole situation. Darin and Max stop as Sean is staring at them, not sure what to do but he doesn’t mind at all unless he can join in.

Now we have three hard dicks are being sucked and played with from many different angles as these three men enjoy sucking and licking. Soon enough they are fucking on the bench and being bent over it. Finally after all the pumping and grinding their balls are full of cum and Sean pops first followed by Darin and last but not least Max leaves his creamy load on Sean’s back.

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See Darin Silvers, Sean Duran and Max Cameron at Pride Studios


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