Brett Bradley tops Hunter Vance in “To Shave Or Not To Shave?” from Pride Studios

In this new scene from Pride Studios – called “To Shave Or Not To Shave?” – we find Brett Bradley sleeping in his bed when boyfriend Hunter Vance comes walking in to wake him up. Brett and Hunter got into an argument over Hunter shaving his junk.

Brett likes hair where Hunter likes smoothness and no hair. Brett was pissed about Hunter shaving all the time and thinks he’s cheating on him because of it. Hunter assures him that is not the case and the two begin to make out.

Brett begins to suck on his cock while Hunter strokes his massive hard dick. They both swap blow jobs until Brett is ready to squeeze into Hunter’s tight little ass. Two fuck in a couple different positions as Hunter takes all the meat deep inside him. Brett’s huge cock releases his manly load all over Hunter’s balls which sends him over the edge erupting his hot load all over himself.

Watch Brett Bradley fucking Hunter Vance at Pride Studios

Watch Brett Bradley fucking Hunter Vance’s ass at Pride Studios