Armando De Armas fucks Trey Turner in “When Top Needs A Pounding” Part 1

In the fiirst scene from the new Pride Studios series “When Top Needs A Pounding“, we find a pretty frustrated Trey Turner who hasn’t been fucked in weeks and can’t deal with it no longer. He met Armando De Armas a while back but didn’t hook up with him because he was being faithful to his boyfriend at the time, but now that his man won’t give him dick, he turns to Armando for help.

Trey only has about an hour before his BF gets him so Armando fucks hard and deep in all the positions that Trey has been longing for. The eagerness of Trey is through the roof as he rides Armando’s cock sliding up and down with his big furry booty. Armando can give the dick and Trey who can only think of being fucked needs to make sure he doesn’t leave any evidence behind.

Watch Armando De Armas fucking Trey Turner at from Pride Studios

Watch Armando De Armas plowing Trey Turner at Pride Studios


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