Alexander Greene fucks Matt Stevens in “Turned On By My Doctor” from Pride Studios

In this new scene from Pride Studios – called “Turned On By My Doctor” – hung young hunk Alexander Greene is waiting to see Doctor Matt Stevens because of some lower ball pain he has been having. He’s not sure what it is and he hasn’t been having sex lately so he knows it’s not anything to bad but his balls really ache. Doctor Stevens takes one look at the issue and sees what the problem is instantly.

He can see how big and swollen Alexander’s balls are and he tells him that they need a release. Matt tells him not to worry though and that he has the best remedy for his aches and pains. He wraps his mouth around Alexander’s enormous thick uncut cock and tries to take it all in down his throat. Matt can’t believe how big this kid is. Alexander kicks back on the patient table and lets his doctor enjoy his big beautiful cock.

Doctor Stevens is always up for a challenge and he wants to be fucked by this monster cock. Alexander bends him over and goes balls deep into his Doctor. Matt takes it in slow but once he is warmed up they change positions a few times and Matt rides him like a champ. In the end Doctor knows best.

Watch Alexander Greene fucking Matt Stevens at Pride Studios

Watch Alexander Greene fucking Matt Stevens at Pride Studios


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