Sergyo and Antonio Miracle fuck each other in “Versatile Ass Play” from Lucas Entertainment

This new release from Lucas Entertainment marks the debut of sexy newcomer Sergyo Caruso. He might have originally intended to have a relaxing day reading and sunning himself, but something far better came along – and that something is Antonio Miracle.

Antonio Miracle reminds me a bit of Viktor Rom: they’re both sexy-as-hell Latin men, they’re both as big as mountains, and they both have beautiful uncut cocks they love to use on pig bottoms.

While Antonio allows for some versatility in his sex life (Sergyo gets a chance to fuck him) Antonio spends most of the encounter playing with and raw-dogging Sergyo’s ass. And judging by Sergyo’s enthusiasm, I’d say he’s happy with the arrangement.

Watch Sergyo and Antonio Miracle flip-fucking at Lucas Entertainment


Watch Sergyo and Antonio Miracle fuck at Lucas Entertainment


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