Muscle jock Nick Vargas fucks Tony Conrad in “Oil Up 2” part two from Staxus

In the second part from the Staxus movie “Oil Up 2“, we find hot muscle jock Nick Vargas and beautiful twink boy Tony Conrad, paired up for some slippery bareback action. These two mates are at the peak of youthful fitness – a fact that director, John Smith, uses to the fullest measure here by pitching them together in an oiled-up wrestling contest.

That in itself is a veritable marvel to behold – their greased, handsome bodies rubbing against each other, literally igniting the room with erotic tension in the process. But of course it’s what happens between these two mates when the action finally turns decidedly sexualised that will interest most viewers; with Vargas quickly feasting on Conrad’s now swollen shaft, before the roles are then switched in a bid to return the compliment.

It doesn’t really take much of an expert to realise who’s going to be top and who’s going to be bottom, of course; but that doesn’t detract from the sight of Vargas finally taking full mastery of the situation by stretching the youngster’s arse with his fingers, before burying his shaft deep into the gaping hole. Nor, for that matter, will there be many who are able to resist the sight of Conrad creaming mid-fuck, whilst Vargas spurts his wad on his pal’s pucker.

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Watch Nick Vargas fucking Tony Conrad’s boy hole at Staxus


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