Martin Muse fucks Tony Conrad in “Oil Up 2” scene one from Staxus

In the first scene from the new Staxus movie “Oil Up 2“, the studio has paired up two of their hot newbies; Martin Muse and Tony Conrad. The two young Czechs make a very hot pair! The scene starts with the two buddies gently making out on the bed.

All that, is just a passive introduction to the main action to come; as both lads head straight into the pool for a hot, sticky session of play-wrestling. Now über hard and horny, they then promptly head back to bed to strip out of their costumes and to get down to the serious business in hand – or, to put it more precisely, in mouth! Indeed, these two lads suck dick like it’s what they were born for; before continuing to rub their ramrods together frottage-style, then playing with each other’s asses.

By this point you’ll no doubt be feverishly wanking away and probably won’t give a fuck as to which of these lads ultimately surrenders his arse to the other; but in the end it’s Martin Muse who gets the pleasure of sinking balls-deep into Tony Conrad, which marks the start of a terrific set-piece, culminating in both boys squirting copious quantities of jizz all over the place. In short, totally and utterly ball-draining!

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Watch Martin Muse fucking Tony Conrad’s bare ass at Staxus


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