Jessie Montgomery bottoms for Justin Owen in “Destined to Fuck” from Helix Studios

Helix Studios has released a super hot scene with hot young hunks Jessie Montgomery and Justin Owen. In this scene, called “Destined to Fuck“, Jessie bottoms for Justin.

We’ve all experienced it and we all know the story… You meet a hottie that you’re into at a party and before you know it he’s gone and you’re uncertain whether or not you’ll ever see him again. Sometimes fate is cruel this way but some days the universe smiles upon gays boys. This is one of those days.

Witness the rematch made in heaven when fine & fetching, yellow haired sex kitten Jessie Montgomery runs into the stacked & studly young bull Justin Owen on the street after a previous casual encounter. Luck like this is rare and extremely special and these twinks of fate will have us all saying hooray for second chances.

Watch Jessie Montgomery bottoming for Justin Owen at Helix Studios
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Watch Jessie Montgomery bottoming for Justin Owen