Dylan Henri pounds hot redhead Leander in “Fringe Benefits” from Next Door World

This hot new scene from Next Door World with Leander being interviewed for the position with Dylan Henri‘s home restoration company. He got the feeling there might be more to the job than met the eye. Sure enough, he was right. It turns out Dylan Henri is a sex-hungry deviant who takes advantage of his employees… and Leander likes it!

Mr. Henri routinely has showed up on job sites not only to make sure Leander isn’t fucking around on his phone, but also to get his big cock sucked. On this occasion, Mr. Henri finds Leander slacking hard. That’s call for some serious repercussion, so Mr. Henri has Leander get up on a ladder so his pants may be pulled down enough for Mr. Henri to access his ass. Once in position, Mr. Henri licks Leander’s sweet, tight hole.

Leander doesn’t let on, but he actually enjoys this brand of punishment.Next, Mr. Henri sucks Leander’s firm dick. Now this does feel good to Leander, very good. Then Leander returns the favor and slurps down his boss’s fat cock for a while. From there, the two engage in some passionate, on-the-job kissing and nude, full-body grinding.

This leads right into full-on, boss-on-employee ass fucking. That’s right, Leander is happy to take Mr. Henri large cock deep. And boy, Mr. Henri is really letting him have it! Maybe Leander will learn his lesson… if he wants to be pounded nice and hard, be sure to slack off!

Watch Dylan Henri pounding Leander’s ass at Next Door World

Watch Dylan Henri pounding Leander at Next Door World


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