Alessio Romero bottoms for Darin Silvers in “Hitchhicker Payment Plan” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios  has released a very hot scene, called “Hitchhicker Payment Plan“ starring Darin Silvers and Alessio Romero. Darin is just trying to get home after a long day of work. He usually hitchhikes so it’s really nothing new except this time around there is a surprise he isn’t expecting.

Alessio is out cruising when he sees Darin on the side of the road. He pulls over and lets him in the car. Alessio has one exception and that is Darin has to give him a blow job. Reluctantly Darin agrees to it and he just wants to get it over with and be on his way.

He pulls Alessio pants down and starts to suck him off on the side of the road. Alessio is becoming uncomfortable and suggests they go over to his storage unit where Darin can fuck him. Darin at this point will do anything just to get home. They head inside to get naked and fuck. Darin pushes Alessio up against the wall and fucks him just the way he wants it.

After a few steamy positions Darin blasts a shotgun load just pass Alessio’s face splashing against the wall. One of the best cum shots to date.

Wacth Alessio Romero bottoming for Darin Silvers at Pride Studios

Watch Alessio Romero bottoming for Darin Silvers at Pride Studios


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