Damon Heart bottoms for Rafael Carreras and Javi Velaro at Lucas Entertainment

In this smoking hot new bareback scene from Lucas Entertainment we’re seeing three incredibly hot hunks; Damon Heart, Rafael Carreras and Javi Velaro. Damon Heart deserves credit: not only is he excited to take on the huge endowment of Rafael Carreras, but he also tests his bottoming skills with Javi Velaro at the same time.

Some might shrink from the challenge (figuratively and literally) but Damon goes after them both. But there’s only so much dick anyone can take, so Javi jumps in to save the day; he offers himself up as a bottom for Rafael and Damon alike.

Watch Damon Heart bottoming for Rafael Carreras and Javi Velaro


See Rafael Carreras and Javi Velaro fucking Damon Heart’s ass


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