Bryan Hogan returns to Staxus and gets fucked by the handsome Martin Muse

In the third scene from the Staxus movie “The Big Picture” the studio has brought back a familiar face. Bryan Hogan appeared on the site in 2012 and now he’s back to receiev a good pounding. He gets his raw ass fucked by the very beautiful Martin Muse.

It doesn’t take long before Brya Hogan reaches for Martin’s dick and starts to give him a nice blowjob. It’s a move that obviously doesn’t upset Martin in any way, that’s for sure; and having enjoyed the delights of Bryan’s hungry little tongue on every inch of his shaft, he’s soon returning the favour with equal vigour, even to the point of thrusting his dick through a hole in the headboard for a little bit of kinky fellatio.

Martin’s primary interest, however, is Bryan’s tight little butt-hole; and it’s not too long before he’s positioned his pal out on his back, legs akimbo, so that he can give the pucker his fullest attention. Needless to say, Bryan doesn’t appear to show the slightest reticence as his buddy fingers and rims his most private quarters; and the pleasure only intensifies when Martin finally thrusts his aching pole deep into that horny, sweet recess.

What ensues is a truly terrific show-piece of man-on-man fornication, with Martin first banging away at Bryan from the rear; then encouraging the fellow to ride him cowboy-style with equal gusto. It’s more than enough to get both lads to the brink in no time at all, culminating in two terrific cum-shots that will almost certainly have you erupting in equal measure!

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Watch Bryan Hogan and Martin Muse fucking at Staxus


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