Alex Killborn licks and fucks Tyler Hill’s ass in “Peer Pressure” from Helix Studios

It’s the end of another day at Helix Studios Academy. Tyler Hill is making his way across campus when he stops to check the time and notices someone out of the ordinary. Alex Killborn is the perfect stranger and though his leather jacket and shaggy hair make him seem a little out of place at the prestigious prep school, his rebellious look and smoldering aesthetics are just what “peak the interest” of the clean cut, suit & tie twink.

The instant attraction couldn’t be more mutual and before they knew it they were undressing each other in the confines of Tyler’s comfortable dormitory digs. Today’s lesson is in sex education and it’s hands on as these two young lovers learn without a doubt that opposites do attract and that sometimes it pays to talk to strangers.

See Alex Killborn and Tyler Hill in “Peer Pressure” from Helix Studios
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Watch Alex Killborn fucking Tyler Hill’s ass at Helix Studios