Kallum Ash fucks hot twink boy Troy Bolton at Eurocreme

Important notice As mentioned in the comments below, this Eurocreme scene was originally released in 2007

In this ‘not-so-new’ scene from Eurocreme, we see some hard and very hot ass pounding action on the balcony!  Troy Bolton  is taking every inch  of Kallum Ash‘ big uncut cock.

Troy Bolton deep throats his mate Kallum Ash in such a great way you’ll be rock hard in seconds! His thick cock slides down his tight throat without even a gag and throbs in his neck as it gets even harder.

And the ass fucking here is the hardest pounding any smooth young twink could take! Troy takes it like the cock hungry hottie he is. Wanting every last inch of Kallum’s cock inside him and the amount of spunk he shoots soaks his back and then shares it in a kiss, fucking horny!

Watch Kallum Ash and Troy Bolton fucking at Eurocreme

Watch Kallum Ash and Troy Bolton fucking at Eurocreme


  • Brian Odom

    Actually this isn’t a new scene at all. This is scene 4 of Legion Boy by EuroCreme made back in 2007. I know because I first saw this many years ago and I also have the dvd of it. Still one of my favorite films to watch as I’ve came to this so many times.

    • Thank you Brian. It’s a well-known ‘trick’ indeed. Eurocreme keeps releasing old scenes as new content (same with Bulldog Pit and Alphamales, which are owned by the same company). It seems they are going through tough times. Recycling content isn’t that bad as long as they are upfront about it, which isn’t the case unfortunately. For this reason, I am hardly featuring their releases on here anymore. Too bad, cause Eurocreme used to be a high-quality site.

      • Brian Odom

        No problem. I think when stuff like this happens that the readers get either confused or actually think that something is really new. I usually spot a bunch of things since I watch (and have seen) so much porn over the past 2 decades.

        I totally agree about “recycling content” as long as you don’t try to pass it off as something other than what it is.

        Also I do remember when EuroCreme was really good. It was one of the studios from which I saw a lot of videos from. I still have a few titles and scenes saved from them but not as much as my best friend who has twice err as much as 3 times as many as me.

        • It would confuse most readers indeed. When I spot recycled content, I normally just skip it, but this one went through… and it’s probably not the only one, because sometimes it’s hard to tell (even though I am familiar with lots of porn movies). So thanks for pointing it out.

          You are right. Eurocreme used to be one of the top European studios. After the Eurocreme / Staxus split up things slowly went downhill.