Shaw returns at Sean Cody for his first hardcore scene and fucks Blake

To be honest, when we first saw Shaw’s solo video at Sean Cody, we were afraid he wouldn’t come back for more. Even Billy Santoro had his doubts. Luckily, the guys at Sean Cody proved us wrong, cause Shaw has returned and they have paired him up with Blake. It looks like the guys from Sean Cody didn’t expect him to return either.

When we got the call from Shaw saying that he was coming back for a sex scene… lets just say we were pretty shocked. Shaw is beautiful from head to toe. Killer smile, great body, and an even better personality. Shaw walked on set with Blake and was all smiles all day long. Needless to say, so was Blake.

“He is gorgeous!” Blake was star struck and could barely keep his hands off of Shaw. “Thanks! I’m not gonna lie, I like all this attention I’m getting around here. This is great. These two had a great time. Shaw surprised us a bit as a rookie. He had no problem burying his face in Blake’s hole.

“Most guys start off slow when they are new.” I told Shaw. He laughed a bit. “Why, if you are going to do it, better make it great!” I have a feeling we will be seeing Shaw around these parts more often.

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