Sean Cody: Handsome muscle jock Hoyt solo for Sean Cody

Sean Cody hunk Hoyt rubs out a delicious load in this hot and entertaining solo scene. Let’s hope this sexy tattooed guy will return for a hardcore scene!

Sean Cody

Hoyt is a big guy…like a really big guy! “How tall are you?” I asked “6’4” but if I stand on my tippy toes I can reach 6’7”!”

When he’s not on the beach causing trouble, Hoyt said he’s constantly chasing the adrenalin rush.

“I like to keep the heart pumping, really get the juices flowing.” “How so?” “I like so skydive, bungee jump, you know anything that’s going to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!”

As he was talking I couldn’t help to notice that if Hoyt didn’t shave his body he would be a pretty hairy guy. “Why do you shave your chest?” “Sometimes I let it grow but I like how my abs look when I’m shaved.”


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Watch Hoyt rub out a load at Sean Cody

Sean Cody


Watch muscle hunk Hoyt rub out a load for Sean Cody


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