Kris Blent and Xavier Sibley fuck each other in “Spanish Sun” part two from Staxus

European bareback studio Staxus has today released the second scene from their new “Spanish Sun” series. It’s a very hot outdoor flip-fuck scene starring French twink boy Xavier Sibley and tall Dutch boy Kris Blent. It doesn’t take long before the two of them smooching away on their sun-loungers.

Kris finally decides to take the initiative and yanks down his swimwear so that Xavier can take a munch on the thick, meaty, Dutch cock that’s now straining for attention. Not that the Spaniard’s shaft is any less excitable, it must be said – a fact that fails to escape Blent’s attention. As a result, both horned-up twinks are soon taking it in turns to gobble away for all they’re worth – ultimately 69-ing each other like a couple of sex-starved bloodhounds!

It’s at this point that you might well be wondering who’s gonna be giving and who’s gonna be receiving given that both these lads have an unrivalled appetite for cock up their ass. Never fear, however. For in the true spirit of comradeship both boys are soon taking it in turns to plough into each other’s fuck-holes; flip-flopping over the loungers with uninhibited gusto, which ultimately results in Xavier jizzing all over his own belly. Leaving Kris to literally give his pal one in the eye for the ultimate holiday memento!

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Watch Kris Blent and Xavier Sibley flip-fucking at Staxus


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