The very popular Abe has returned to Sean Cody to raw-fuck Rusty

Abe has always been a force to reckon with, ever since he started with Sean Cody over three years ago. It took them some convincing but they were finally able to get Abe back in the game. When he was asked what type of model they should pair him with, he replied; “someone I can fuck through the walls!” Without a doubt, Rusty would be the perfect fit. Both models are jacked and love to fuck.

Just one look at Abe and you can see that he’s been working out quite a bit. He’s doubled in size. It also seems that taking a little break really got him all horny and ready to fuck. These two go at it for a few hours and Abe really takes control and essentially directs his own film. When Abe wasn’t fucking a hole through Rusty, dirty talking, or slapping his ass, he was goofing off on set and making himself feel right at home.

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Watch Abe and Rusty in this bareback video from Sean Cody


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