Staxus newcomer Logan Lech fucks Ray Mannix in a hot outdoor scene

Staxus exclusive Kris Blent is out on vacation with Leo Ocean, soaking up the rays and on the lookout for hot guys – two of whom, Ray Mannix and young rookie, Logan Lech – are camped out in an adjoining field. Of course, we’ve surely all known Mannix long enough now to appreciate that his idea of life under canvas isn’t just gonna be about singing songs around a campfire and enjoying life alfresco.

So it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that he’s taken full advantage of the chance to apply some sunblock on Logan’s chest – a move that quickly develops into something a whole lot more intimate when Ray’s fingers wander down to his buddy’s trunks.

At that point, of course, Logan is quite literally like putty in the old pro’s hands – a fact that’s almost effortlessly underlined by the ease with which Raygoes down on the lad’s clearly aching shaft. It doesn’t take a great deal of thought to appreciate where all this headed, mind.

Ray has not built his reputation on being one of the strongest power-bottoms in the business for nothing, and it’s clear from the look in his deep, blue eyes that there’s only one place he wants to have Logan’s dick – an ambition that is very quickly achieved.

Indeed, having taken it in turns to gobble on each other’s knobs, Ray is soon enjoying every solid inch of his pal’s dick up his ass, riding it in a variety of positions before spewing the contents of his sac as a result. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, he gets his hole creamed by Logan, leaving him understandably satisfied!

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Watch Logan Lech fucking Ray Mannix at Staxus


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