Alejandro Alvarez breeds Edward Fox’ tight boy hole in “Use Me!” part four

Staxus has today released the fourth scene from their mini-series “Use Me!” in which they have paired of bearded muscle hunk Alejandro Alvarez and cute Czech boy Edward Fox. The latter one is the pizza delivery boy (how original) who brings Alejandro his pizza. Despite the trite plot, this scene is amazingly hot.

The guys take turns sucking each other’s uncut cocks, before Edward presents his ass to Alejandro with an air of near-desperation, his legs spread akimbo so that the older fellow can tongue his gaping fuck-hole to ecstasy. An invitation that the Spaniard accepts with no hint of restraint; before first fingering and then finally fucking the youngster’s pucker to seal the deal.

Alejandro gives the young pup the fuck of his life, hammering into the lad for all he’s fucking worth. It’s little wonder that Fox is quite literally soon spurting like a fountain; with the Spanish stud giving an equally ferocious cascade, before burying his spent shaft deep into the boy’s jizzed-up little hole!

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Watch Alejandro Alvarez and Edward Fox fucking at Staxus


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