Pyotr Tomek and Carl Ross team up to fuck Ryan Torres

Ryan Torres a 20 year old newcomer at Staxus and his debut is quite impressive. Pyotr Tomek and Carl Ross team up to give Ryan a ‘warm welcome’ and Ryan takes their cocks like he was made to do so. This is the first episode of the new series, called “Cum With Me“.

Soon all three are positioned in a dick-munching triangle, feasting away on every hard, uncut inch that’s now on offer. Then attention finally begins to turn to the main focal point of this jizz-inducing escapade, with Carl rimming Ryan’s hole, before finally plunging his thick schlong deep into the fellow’s pucker! Pyotr positions his face just barely millimetres from the action so that he can intermittently slurp on Carl’ cock!

After which the lads switch roles so that Ryan can bounce up and down on Pyotr’s hard dick; before Carl returns to hammer the youngster’s rump, whilst Pyotr slurps away on Ryan’s knob. It’s more than enough to get even the most hardened porn-viewer to a sticky climax; but the sight of Ryan getting his face jizzed by both his mates will make that conclusion a fucking certainty!

Watch Ryan Torres taking Pyotr and Carl’s cocks

Pyotr Tomek and Carl Ross fuck Ryan Torres

Pyotr Tomek and Carl Ross fuck Ryan Torres

Watch Pyotr Tomek and Carl Ross fucking Ryan Torres at Staxus


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