Jason Maddox fucks Mike De Marko in Naked Sword’s “On the Lookout” part four

Naked Sword has released the fourth and final installment of “On The Lookout“, which is a web-series directed by the talented mr. Pam. She has paired up sexy muscle hunks Mike De Marko and Jason Maddox for a hot sexcapade.

Rents aren’t the only thing on the rise in San Francisco when Jason Maddox puts on a show in the window of his luxury condo for passer-by Mike de Marko. As soon as Jason buzzes him in they start making out and Mike goes down on Jason’s chubby dick.

Jason kicks back and feasts on Mike’s monster-cock then pushes him down on the bed to get a better taste of his balls and ass. Both guys want it bad so Jason shoves his cock in Mike’s ass and fucks him like a beast in every direction – even backwards! Mike shoots first followed by Jason who drops a thick load all over Mike’s hairy chest.

Watch Jason Maddox and Mike De Marko in the hardcore trailer

Watch Jason Maddox and Mike De Marko in On The Lookout


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