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PUBLISHED: September 26, 2022 COMMENT
MEN: Chris Cool gets fucked by Finn Harding in "Big Sausage In My Buns"

Today’s update from Men.com is called “Big Sausage In My Buns” and brings together Finn Harding and Chris Cool. The latter one is a regular at Finn’s food truck, and not for the hot dogs. As Chris’ flirting starts interfering with business, Finn invites him inside so they can work and play

PUBLISHED: September 25, 2022 COMMENT
Next Door Studios: Diego Daniels flip-fucks with Scott Finn in "Like A Dream"

Manny from Sean Cody makes his debut with Next Door Studios. Using the name Diego Daniels, he flip-fucks with Scott Finn in “Like A Dream“. Scott Finn just had something extremely embarrassing happen: he had a wet dream about his roommate, Diego Daniels ! However, when Diego finds out, things take an unexpected twist

PUBLISHED: September 24, 2022 COMMENT
Craig Marks and Sean Weis fuck in "Taking Care Of Business" (scene 5)

Craig Marks and Sean Weiss flip-fuck in the fifth and final scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Taking Care Of Business“. Top salesman Craig Marks isn’t too happy when he finds out that he’s missed most of his company’s work retreat. Fortunately for him, Sean Weiss is still hanging around and ready to show him a good

PUBLISHED: September 24, 2022 COMMENT
Sean Cody: Holden is back for his first hardcore and bottoms for Lan

Holden did a solo scene back in June. Now he’s back at Sean Cody for his first hardcore scene ! The bearded hottie gets fucked by Lan and takes a messy cum facial. “I like it all. I like to top, I like to bottom,” tall hunk Lan tells first-timer Holden. The

PUBLISHED: September 23, 2022 COMMENT
Daniel LeBang debuts at MEN and fucks Troye Dean in "Throuple Trouble" (part 1)

Sean Cody’s Daniel makes his debut with Men.com and fucks Troye Dean. He now has a last name too; Daniel LeBang! Watch him fuck Troye’s boy hole in the first part of the “Throuple Trouble” series. When Troye Dean and Caden Jackson stay overnight with their boyfriend Angel’s straight couple friends, Troye can’t help noticing

Male Access free week
Male Access Free Week
PUBLISHED: September 21, 2022 COMMENT
MEN: Angel Rivera flip-fucks with Brysen in "Straight Shooter"

This flip-fuck scene – called “Straight Shooter” – is the second Men.com scene for Brysen. Latin hottie Angel Rivera has been waiting for his roommate to leave so he can have a little “me time.” As soon as Brysen’s out the door, Angel hurries to his sex toy drawer and fucks himself

PUBLISHED: September 17, 2022 COMMENT
Falcon Studios: Sean Weiss pounds Pietro Duarte in "Taking Care Of Business" (scene 4)

The fourth scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Taking Care Of Business” is another hot outdoor scene . Pietro Duarte and Sean Weiss may have arrived at the company work retreat a little late. That doesn’t mean they still can’t enjoy some bareback team bonding. After a run on the beach and

PUBLISHED: September 10, 2022 COMMENT
Angel Rivera, Dean Young, Bastian Karim fuck in "Taking Care Of Business" (scene 3)

The third scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Taking Care Of Business” is a hot threesome . When a few of their coworkers sneak off for some bareback play, Dean Young and Angel Rivera decide to have their own fun by the pool. Once they begin exploring each other’s bodies, Angel’s hands

PUBLISHED: September 9, 2022 COMMENT
Gabriel Clark & Markus Kage fuck Windom Gold in "Truck Loads" (scene 5)

Director Iza Elle has brought Gabriel Clark, Markus Kage, and Windom Gold together! This threesome is the fifth and final scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Truck Loads“. Exhausted truck drivers Gabriel Clark and Markus Kage are taking a much-needed break from the weeks of Freedom Convoy protests. They start chatting with Windom Gold

PUBLISHED: September 2, 2022 COMMENT
Falcon Studios: Manuel Reyes gets fucked by Tyler Berg in "Taking Care Of Business" (scene 2)

Tyler Berg is back in the second scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Taking Care Of Business“. It’s a hot outdoor scene in which Tyler fucks Manuel Reyes. While on his latest work retreat in Southern Spain, Manuel Reyes enjoys some swimming pool roughhousing with his coworkers. He would rather be experiencing some alone

Sean Cody
Sean Cody
Next Door Studios
PUBLISHED: August 29, 2022 COMMENT
Miguel Exotic debuts at Men.com and fucks Felix Fox in "An Exotic Morning"

This is Miguel Exotic’s first scene for Men.com ! The Canadian hottie fucks Felix Fox in “An Exotic Morning“. Sensual Miguel Exotic is enjoying lying in a pool of sun on the bed, touching himself sensually, when he’s joined by Felix. Felix Fox kisses up the muscular top’s chest. Felix peels Miguel out of his

PUBLISHED: August 27, 2022 COMMENT
Falcon Studios: Tyler Berg fucks Bastian Karim in "Taking Care Of Business" (scene 1)

This is the first scene from the new Falcon Studios movie “Taking Care Of Business“. The movie has been co-produced with The Bro Network and has been shot in Torremolinos (Spain). Tyler Berg pounds Bastian Karim in this opening scene. Overworked businessmen Bastian Karim and Tyler Berg are the first to arrive at their boss’ Spanish villa for

PUBLISHED: August 27, 2022 COMMENT
Sean Cody: Devy fucks Brogan and cums in the bottom's face

Here’s the latest hardcore update from Sean Cody. Out on the trail, bearded hunks Devy and Brogan hike up the hill, peeling off their shirts and even slipping down their shorts to grant a peek at their asses! Blond Brogan flexes, and dark-haired Devy does a little dance before these guys return

PUBLISHED: August 26, 2022 COMMENT
MEN: Finn Harding plows Theo Brady's ass in "The XXX-Ray TV"

Finn Harding fucks Theo Brady and cums in his face in this hot Men.com update , called “The XXX-Ray TV“. The new TV Theo ordered has a feature he didn’t expect. As hot tech Finn Harding goes behind the set to hook it up, Theo Brady gets a surprising X-ray view of him naked! Theo wants to

PUBLISHED: August 26, 2022 COMMENT
Next Door Taboo: Christian Wilde fucks Des Irez and Trevor Harris in "Caught By Stepdad"

Christian Wilde is back at Next Door Taboo . In this update – called “Caught By Stepdad” – he takes turns fucking stepson Trevor Harris and his hot friend Des Irez. Trevor Harris and Des Irez are about to have sex, but Trevor is a little worried that his stepdad will catch them. However, when Christian Wilde does catch

PUBLISHED: August 26, 2022 COMMENT
Raging Stallion: Travis Connor bottoms for Tony D'Angelo and fucks Edward Terrant

The fourth scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Truck Loads” brings us to a truck stop restroom . That’s where Travis Connor bottoms for Tony D’Angelo and later fucks Edward Terrant. Tony knows that he only has to give one look to Travis in this dimly lit restroom, and he’ll have the

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